R is for Rainbow Hardcover Book by Kim Ferreira (Joie de Vivre)

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each book is signed by Kim and includes the message "Wishing you joy from A to Z"

'R is for Rainbow' is a beautifully printed, full-color, 32-page hardcover book featuring Kim's oil paintings. The book is an abecedarian, there are 26 images to correspond with each letter of the alphabet. Created for young spirits and old souls, this book is a celebration of joy, beauty, kindness and love from A to Z.

Target Audience:

  • Parents reading to toddlers and young children
  • Budding artists and illustrators
  • Nature enthusiasts
  • Art aficionados
  • Animal lovers


A troupe of animals guide children through the alphabet, showcasing valuable lessons and unlikely partnerships. Here, N is for "never giving up," while C-"cupcakes and carefully planned getaways"-is paired with a whimsical illustration of a raccoon stealing a cupcake from a fox, with some aerial support from a group of chickadees. A soft palette and visible brushstrokes make learning the ABCs feel like a walk through a fine art museum.


ISBN: 978-1-942155-39-3
Page Count: 32
Trim: 8”x10”
Format: Hardcover
Publish Date: June 7, 2021
Subject: Alphabet/Art
Publisher: Peter E. Randall Publisher

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