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The beautiful machine that is One Lupine runs on a small but diverse collective. Our vastly different backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets inspire creativity and motivation in all areas of the business.

Jodi Clayton: Owner & Founder

Jodi Clayton & Tennessee

I founded One Lupine Fiber Arts in 2002. My business began with, and has grown from, my deep love of wool and natural fibers. I have a rich background in knitting, spinning, felting and textile design. My business encompasses the wholesale arm of One Lupine (operating since 2003) as well as a retail store focusing on fine craft, art and apparel made in the USA and Canada. Our mission is to call attention to, support, and celebrate the very best in mindful making in North America. We truly want you to enjoy the process of looking, seeing and selecting in our space. We hope that you are delighted, soothed and sustained by the experience. These makers, these people, friends, neighbors, family members, and strangers, are indeed the cultural glue that helps hold us together. Together we remember how it feels to create, to dream, to share, to love, and how to be fully human. I also own and operate Maine Yarn & Fiber Supply, and unique fiber supply shop, dedicated to promoting Maine based yarns and fibers. In our sunny welcoming space your will find, our line of house yarns and spinning fibers and my own handspun yarn, along side of such well known brands as Peace Fleece, Jagger Spun, String Theory, and more. We are not your usual yarn shop. We offer treasures and stories not found elsewhere. Our house line of Shepherds Choice yarns are all sourced directly from the Maine landscape. It is in these place based yarns and fibers that we breathe, and where we find our sustainability. Our yarns and fibers are sold through our brick and mortar store, this website and through our monthly yarn and fiber mail order club.



Taylor K Pomroy

I was born & raised in the Bangor area. I left Maine to study fiber/fashion design (BFA) at Finlandia University's International School of Art & Design, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. There I met my partner Jason, who is my #1 cheerleader and studio assistant.  I have touched on aspects of art including weaving, knitting, garment design, sculpture, dye techniques (including natural and non-traditional), felting, spinning, graphic design and jacquard design. With the help of my loving matriarchs I got my start in fiber early. I have been knitting and sewing for over 20 years. I have an affinity for all shades of green. I enjoy caffeinated beverages (Shout out to Wicked Brew's Midnight Mocha!), caring for my reptiles, knitting while watching true crime docs, helping my Dad with his latest clown conundrum (Anah Shriner clown) and chasing Tennessee the shop pup around. Every day at Maine Yarn & Fiber Supply / One Lupine I learn something new and enjoy helping fellow fiber fans. @TkPomroy on Instagram


Bristol Ivy

Bristol Ivy is a knitting designer, teacher, and author from Bangor, Maine. Her work has been published with PomPom Magazine, amirisu, Quince & Co., Making Magazine, and her own eponymous pattern line. She has taught at such events as Squam Art Workshops, Edinburgh Yarn Festival, and Vogue Knitting Live, as well as yarn shops worldwide. Her recent books, Knitting Outside the Box and Knitting Outside the Box: Drape and Fold, both with PomPom Press, explore her lifelong commitment to breaking rules and finding beauty in unexpected places. When not knitting, she’s sewing, running, watching far too many British murder mysteries, and baking a mean loaf of oatmeal honey bread. Find her online at bristolivy.com and on Instagram and Twitter as @bristolivy.


Ruth Damashek
I’m originally from Burke, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC, but I came to Bangor for college. I’m currently working towards my bachelor of science in psychology at Husson University, after which I hope to get a masters in mental health counseling and become a therapist. While I may be from Virginia, I have family in New Brunswick, Canada, so I’ve been to Maine many times and I greatly prefer it to the uniformity of the suburbs. I love to knit, crochet, spin, and dye yarn, so really any yarn store is my happy place! I also love animals (cats in particular), cross stitching, sci-fi shows, dungeons and dragons, purple, blue, pink and any combination of the three, and especially my sweet little kitty, Jasper.




Tennessee: Shop Pup and Greeter of One Lupine/Maine Yarn & Fiber Supply


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