Pet Soap from Ancestral French Soaps

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Natural Pet Soap from Ancestral French Soaps of Monroe, Maine

We have designed a soap specifically for pets because the legislation regulating pet's food, drug and cosmetics is limited. This soap round is unscented and made from the same pure olive oil as all our other human soaps. The only other ingredient is diatomaceous earth, which is a soft rock that crumbles into powder and is said to prevent and remove fleas and other pests. 

The pet soap contains only filtered water, organic extra virgin olive oil, and diatomaceous earth. No toxic chemicals, added fragrances, or petroleum derived ingredients that can damage the balance of our pets' bodies. Olive oil soap nourishes the skin and leaves the natural oily coating on fur all while cleaning the trouble they've gotten into! Keep your pets healthy and shining with Ancestral French Soap Pet Round.


How to Use:
Rub the bar of soap on your pet's wet fur, lather and rinse. That is it.

Or on a warm day, let them run into water for a swim, wait for them with the soap, lather well, and let them go back into the water. All our soaps are biodegradable within 3 days.


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