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Medium Signature Hoop Earrings by Cullen Jewelry Design

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Sterling silver hammered hoop with wirewrap bail. About 1.25” circumference.

About Cullen

Cullen is a mother of two - a son, Evan, 23, and a daughter, Kathryn, 20, and resides in Scarborough, Maine. Cullen is a graduate of Cushing Academy in Massachusetts where she  was introduced to metalsmithing through a course taught by master silversmith, Bob Johnson, and was instantly enthralled.  She then went on to graduate with a BA from the University of Southern Maine with a concentration in photography while also studying metalsmithing at Maine College of Art (then Portland School of Art). In 2010, Cullen took on her love for metalsmithing as a full-time career taking part in several craft shows throughout New England.  She is a member of Maine Made America's Best & Maine Craft’s Association, Society of East End Arts, & Designing Women.  

Her Creations

"Hand crafted distinctive and versatile sterling silver jewelry and accessories including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and shawl & hair pins.  Created by manipulating metal sheet and wire from raw form, techniques include cutting, shaping, hammering, soldering, rolling, stamping, and bezeling. I integrating a variety of metals, Maine beach stones & seaglass, gemstones, and beads. My designs are composed of clean, crisp shapes and smooth flowing lines that are contemporary and unique yet have a classic, timeless feel as well."

The Source Of Her Inspiration

"Ideas for my jewelry are inspired by my surroundings such as the ocean and beach, leaves and textures, as well as shapes and patterns found in architecture and textiles. Residing on the coast of Maine provides endless inspiration throughout the changing seasons. 

For millennia, wearable art has played a significant and increasingly important roll in how we present ourselves to others. Like all personal styles, jewelry is a defining instrument. It is a form of communication because in one way or another it makes a statement about us. Creating something that someone else finds meaningful or serves as a symbol of self-expression for them or makes them feel confident, happy or complete is an immensely fulfilling accomplishment for me. It’s the perfect merging of passion, purpose and outcome."

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