Flower Jewel Tone Flags by Windsparrow Studio

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Flower Flags feature hand-carved images of Nasturtium, Lily, Sunflower, Poppy, and Foxglove. 

Flowers are printed onto cotton fabrics in blue, green and purple jewel tones. Finished with a black ribbon, and ready to hang in your home or garden.

-Flower Flags measure approximately 5 inches wide and 7 inches tall.  
-Five flags per set.
-Total length is about 5 feet long, with plenty with plenty of ribbon on each end for tying.
-Flags come neatly packaged in a clear bag with header showing designs and suggestions for use.

Flower flags also available in muted tones.

Inspired by traditional prayer flags and the natural world. Flags left outside will naturally change with the elements. Alterations in printing placement and other small variations will occur.

Dimensions:Five 5x7in flags/set. Total length approx. 5 ft.

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