Fern Headband (White Ink) by Windsparrow Studio

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Headbands are made from the same soft jersey fabric as scarves and other accessories, and they coordinate perfectly. Headbands are lightweight & strong, making them great for daily wear, workouts, gardening, and more. Headband width is adjustable when worn (from about 2 to 10 inches) and showcases the design beautifully.

  • 95% rayon/5% spandex
  • Approx. 18.5″ around, un-stretched
  • Natural rolled edges
  • Hand wash
  • One size fits all

Headbands come nicely packaged for easy display and gift giving.

Please note: Headbands are made to fit the head snugly. Each hand-printed piece is unique. Alterations in printing placement and other small variations will occur. Colors may vary slightly from what you see. Measurements are approximate.

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