Milk Chocolate Coconut & Lemongrass Bar by BOHO Chocolate

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Our milk chocolate coconut and lemongrass bar combines the rich, indulgent taste of chocolate with the tropical, citrusy notes of lemongrass and the unique texture of shredded coconut.

The chocolate serves as a decadent base, providing a smooth and creamy canvas for the other flavors to shine. Lemongrass adds a refreshing and aromatic element, imparting a citrusy brightness that complements the richness of the chocolate. Meanwhile, the shredded coconut adds a delightful texture, with its slightly chewy consistency and subtle sweetness enhancing the overall flavor profile.

Together, these ingredients create a harmonious blend of sweet, citrusy, and tropical flavors, making for a unique and memorable chocolate experience.

Organic cane sugar, organic cacao beans, organic cocoa butter, organic milk, organic coconut, organic lemongrass oil, organic lemon oil.
Weight: 3 OZ (85G)
Contains: Milk, Coconut

International Chocolate Awards - Silver Medal Winner

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