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I learned The Russian Join about five years ago, and I’m still talking about it…..the best thing since sliced bread, almost as good as chocolate…. You get the idea.

If you are not familiar with this simple technique, let me introduce you. Simply put, The Russian Join allows you to seamlessly join two yarn ends when a ball runs out, eliminating the necessity of knots or weaving loose ends into the back of your knitting.

How to do The Russian Join: 

Thread a needle, which is appropriate to the size/weight of the yarn, onto one yarn end. Hold the other yarn end in your non-dominant hand. Using the needle, sew running stitches (down, up, down, up) to a length of about 5”. Pull one strand left and the other strand right until the two become one where they were stitched. Either clip any ends, or use the needle to work them in with additional running stitches. Voila! You are ready to continue on with your knitting.


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