Turquoise Tagua Nut - Wildflower Earrings - Jewelry by Erika Sturm

Turquoise Tagua Nut - Wildflower Earrings - Jewelry by Erika Sturm

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Designs by Erika Sturm, of Maplecrest, New York


Tagua Nut is a seed, prized for over a century, for it's silky feel, beautiful striations and brilliant colors achieved through dyeing. The Tagua nut is from a palm tree which grows only under the full canopy of the rainforests in South America, and can only be harvested for carving, only after having fallen naturally, to the forest floor. In supporting the culture and incomes of indigenous people who craft with tagua nut, we also directly aid in the conservation and protection of rain forests. sustainable use of the land can help bring an end to the devastating methods of slash and burn agriculture of pines, rubber and bananas. Often referred to as 'vegetable ivory' for it's striking similarities to animal ivory, tagua nut use has also been integral in protecting the lives of our tusk bearing animal friends. 


Sterling Silver/Copper: To maintain the satiny surface of your metals, lightly brush with an extra fine sanding pad, found in the paint department of most hardware stores.

Rubber Cord/Wood/Tagua Nut: Applying a little wax or oil will replenish moisture and luster. To extend their 'life', remove your jewelry while swimming and bathing.

The product is out of stock

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