Seaweed Gold Large Ancient Drop Necklace by Illuminated Me Jewelry

Seaweed Gold Large Ancient Drop Necklace by Illuminated Me Jewelry

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Nourishing • Rooted • Abundance

Growing widely in the North Atlantic, Irish Moss is also known as Carrageenan, which is a natural thickener used widely in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. Check your ice cream or toothpaste ingredients and it may be there. It is a nutrient-dense superfood that contains about 90% of the minerals that make up the human body, including high levels of iodine and potassium and fiber. The fiber helps with digestion, and the potassium helps sooth mucus membranes, while the iodine keeps thyroid functioning healthy.

Irish Moss has been a part of human food for centuries. It was used as a food source during the Irish Famine in the mid 19th century, which is how it got the name Irish Moss.


Product details: Gold or Silver Plate chain with extender 16"-19" with spring clasp. Bezels are 24KT Gold Plate over brass or .999 Fine Silver Plating. 



ILLUMINATED ME by Sharon Herrick was started to honor the unique elements that define us, and to bring to light the powerful emotions that unite us. Each piece is designed as a personal homage to the histories, architectures, traditions, and cultures of the global community. While our vision is global, our business is local. From a small studio in a small town in a small corner of the country, our jewelry is designed and intricately handwoven. Our materials are sourced by domestic companies owned by families we know and trust. Our small community is called home by an incredible and diverse population of people who have made their way here from the world over, and we build our strength in part by supporting them. These individuals have become a beloved part of the Illuminated Me family and an integral part of its mission.

All around the globe, and for generations before us, the purpose of jewelry has been to make us feel elevated, empowered, and adored. Our pieces are designed in this tradition; they connect you more deeply to who you are, who you want to be, and your beautiful place in this world.

About Sharon Herrick, Owner/Designer: As the granddaughter of immigrants and a lifelong advocate for social justice, Sharon is actively and passionately involved with the refugee and immigrant population in her community of Portland, Maine. After earning a Masters Degree in Social Work and spending years working in various social change efforts including filmmaking, advocacy for elder justice, and refugee healthcare, Sharon founded Illuminated Me to honor, celebrate, and support the unique histories, cultures, and traditions of those she holds dear to her. To learn more about Sharon’s work with the Maine Access Immigration Network or how she supports the local immigrant and refugee population, or to talk more about being involved yourself, she welcomes the chance to talk with you. Reach her at

We currently have 1 in stock.

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