Loom Ornaments by Katrinkles

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These adorable loom ornament blanks will add some weaving inspired flair to your rear-view mirror, knitting bag, or Christmas Tree! These little looms make a great handmade gift and there are so many different ways you can use them.

The holes in each ornament are left unstitched so you can weave, crochet or stitch them in with a needle or hook and yarn or embroidery floss. The possibilities for how to adorn these are limitless.

Please note that no instructions are included with purchase. There are some examples of things you can do with these ornaments in the listing photos. 

Choose from two options:

  • small ornament (slightly smaller than 2") or

  • large ornament (slightly larger than 3")

Product Details:

  • Material: Birch

  • Approximate Size: Small- slightly smaller than 2"

  • Large- slightly larger than 3"

Because they are made of a natural material, the appearance of each ornament may slightly vary.

We currently have 3 in stock.

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