Sabre Tooth Tiger Medium Plush Toy from Best Years Ltd

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Our fabulous blue sabre tooth tiger soft toy is ideal for imaginative play and for a cuddle. Ideal for fans of the movie Ice Age, we have this popular soft toy as part of our dinosaur range even though we know it is not a dinosaur! If you are looking for presents for 2-year-olds, look no further! Living in the Ice Age can be quite tough. That's why Serge likes to think he's tough. But don't be afraid to give him a pat. This sabre-toothed tiger's just a pussy cat. Ethically sourced, Approximate size: height 20cm x length 35cm Dimensions can vary and are given as a guide only. As with all our toys, he is suitable from birth and machine washable, 100% acrylic. Colour: Turquoise blue.
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