The All-Purpose Bar Soap from Ancestral French Soaps

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The All-Purpose Bar Soap from Ancestral French Soaps of Monroe, Maine

The All Purpose Bar is the revival of the original 16th century recipe. Back then they had one soap for everything: hands, body, hair, shaving, dishes, countertops, tiles, bathtubs, sinks, and even clothes. The All Purpose Bar is made from 100% organic, first cold press, olive oil, lavender essential oil, and green clay for extra scrub. It’s especially effective for deep cleaning.

Place one in your bathroom and one in your kitchen. It is a healthy solution for a post-recycling kitchen and bathroom with no plastic and all the clean!


How to Use the All Purpose Bar:

Dishes: Rub sponge directly on the All Purpose Bar, scrub dishes and rinse.

Clothes: The All Purpose is great for hand washing and getting out stains. Rub the bar directly into wet fabric and scrub in warm water. Let soak if desired then lightly rinse.

Surfaces: Wet surface, then rub the soap directly onto the surface, scrub with sponge or cloth. Rinse surface with clean wet sponge or cloth.

Hair: Apply the All Purpose Bar directly on very wet hair, rub 10 times, massage soap into scalp then rinse.

Shaving: Lather the All Purpose in hands first, apply on shaving area and massage well on to skin. Proceed to shave. Add more soap as needed. Rinse.

Also enjoy as body and face wash.


Ingredients: 100% Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, Filtered Water, Org. Lavender EO, Montmorillonite Clay.

We currently have 3 in stock.

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